The MY-RELIEF project will achieve the following results on its completion:

  1. A comprehensive adult education package, publicly available and usable by mobile devices, will be at disposal of mature workers suffering from low back pain in five official languages of the European Union (English, Swedish, Italian, Lithuanian, Portuguese). The package will include the above mentioned four INTELLECTUAL OUTPUTS (IOs): multimedial training videos with workers and experts (IO1), health education handbook for physical and mental well-being (IO2), mobile-based serious game for self-assessment (IO3), and MOOC (IO4).
  2. The use of an mobile-based approach for delivering the adult education package will allow adapting the learning experience to end-users needs and to track their actual learning outcomes. The training package is expected to be beneficial for mature workers involved in pilot testing (at least 100 people), but also for those workers using the package in the future. The adult education package is expected:
    1.  to enhance AWARENESS, MOTIVATION and WELL-BEING of mature workers about how to manage the physical environment (e.g., at work, at home), physical and mental health, and healthy behaviours
    2. to develop and improve TRANSVERSAL SKILLS concerning ergonomics, pain self-management and health behaviour, stimulating critical and innovative thinking, intra-personal skills for self-discipline and organisational skills, which are applicable in different personal, working and family context

Considering the long-term impact of the project, the mature workers with low back pain involved in the pilot testing (at least 100 people) are expected report improved conditions after a follow up (2 months from completion of the training course), including:
a) improved awareness and ability to monitor, limit and cope with low back pain;
b) improved physical and mental health and well-being;
c) improved life and job satisfaction;
d) improved transversal skills (critical and innovative thinking, intra-personal skills, organisational skills).