Low back pain is one of the main causes of disability worldwide, it can cause limitations in daily life, limitations in work and it is associated with high social and financial burdens for individuals, their families and for the wider economy.  Working conditions can impact positively and negatively on low back pain – for example low job satisfaction, highly sedentary roles or roles involving repetitive strenuous tasks may have a negative impact on low back pain.  Working adults 55+ years employed in these roles may face additional challenges to managing their low back pain and information, guidance and support may be required.    

The main goal of the MY-RELIEF project is to improve knowledge and skills of working adults (55+ years) regarding evidence based strategies that can help individuals manage their low back pain in all personal spheres (work, family, leisure etc.). We will develop materials that support self-managment using information from focus groups and evidence sourced from international clinical guidelines.   

The MY-RELIEF project objectives are to:

1) DESIGN and DEVELOP an education package to promote knowledge and acquisition of skills relating to evidence based strategies for self-managing low back pain. 

2) TEST the training package with an appropriate number of end-users (mature workers with low back pain) in five European Union (EU) countries;

3) FINALIZE the training package incorporating all feedback received from primary and secondary target groups;

4) DISSEMINATE and SCALE UP the intellectual outputs (IOs) at a wider EU level, ensuring the SUSTAINABILITY and USE OF of project results also in the long-term.